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We’re Sad to Report that the 2020 Camp has been CANCELLED.

Dear Campers, Parents and Re-enactors,

I am sad to tell you that after numerous discussions and reviews of the updated COVID-19 requirements the Board of Directors for Liberty Camp Geauga made the difficult decision to cancel Liberty Camp Geauga for 2020.

We are living in an unstable time. Governor DeWine has made many decisions – some which are questionable. The criteria for opening up Ohio are changing weekly and we are have been warned that opening decisions can be reversed.

Sadly we cannot hold camp when the social distancing, face mask wearing and hand washing requirements are in place. Also, the limitation of group size also works against camp.

We want to reassure you that we will continue to stand strong for Liberty. We will do whatever is within our power to return Ohio and America back to freedom as defined in our Country’s founding documents.

Those who have registered campers and sent in payment will receive a full reimbursement. Reimbursements will be sent via USPS very soon.

We pray that you and your family and friends will remain well and stand against any tyranny that you experience. America has lost over 1.1 Million lives over the years to earn and keep freedom alive. We must stand together to make certain that our generation does not allow those lives to be lost in vain.

Have a blessed and safe Memorial Weekend and thank every veteran that you see for his/her service. Please consider reading America’s Bill of Rights as part of your holiday experience.

Liberty Forever!,

Linda J. O’Brien

Chair of Guardians of Liberty